Research Projects

Breeze: Sharing Biofeedback Through Wearable Technologies (link to arxiv.org)

We build a wearable pendant that measures breathing and sends biofeedback. We then evaluate how users perceive the pendants' design and breathing patterns.

ExciteTray: Developing an Assistive Technology to Promote Self-feeding Among Young Children

We build a light-up food tray to provide positive feedback to children who have trouble eating properly.

Prototyping Robot Appearance, Movement, and Interactions Using Flexible 3D Printing and Air Pressure Sensors

We 3D print soft robot skins with a rubber-like material. We capture interactions with the skin using air pressure sensors plugged into hollow chambers built into the skin. We provide a vocabulary of different shapes of chambers, each designed to capture a particular manipulation.
A Tongue Input Device for Creating Conversations

Just mouth the words! We design a mouth-held tongue joystick for maneuvering through a dialogue tree to select dragon-accented pre-recorded audio clips.
Sensing Through Structure: Designing Soft Silicone Sensors

Casting sensing in a new light! We present a vocabulary of structures. When built into sensors, these structures encourage a given manipulation and provide a principled way to sense it.
Action Capture with Accelerometers

When in doubt, use more data! We use accelerometers to retrieve motion capture data for interactive control of a virtual human character.