Friday 10/31/14

Your google news moment of zen: "5-Year-Old Boy in New York Hospital Tests Negative for Ebola" (Beta Wired)

Friday 2/21/14

Your google news moment of zen: "Google Introduces Phone With 3-D Sensors" (Time)

Tuesday 1/7/14

Your google news moment of zen: "Curved TV screens can ruin viewing if you sit in the wrong spot, warn experts" (Daily Mail)

Your google news moment of zen: "Sony fires compact phone salvo" (iAfrica.com)

Tuesday 12/31/13

Your google news moment of zen: "New York is still third-largest state" (Albany Times Union).

Thursday 5/2/13

Those system generated messes...

Tuesday 5/22/12


Thursday 12/1/11

Overheard at CMU from an upset older gentleman talking to his friend: "And I literally wrote the book on that!".

Monday 11/21/11

The source is the paper "Force Detectable Surface Covers for Humanoid Robots". PIF is Physical InterFerence, in case you were wondering.

Sunday 2/27/11

To peel the garlic cloves, glare hard at them until the skins come off easily.

Monday 2/22/10

From "Morphological Analyses of the Human Tongue Musculature for Three-Dimensional Modeling": "In gross dissection, the tongue was cut into wedge-like blocks along the course of the genioglossus muscle to examine muscle fiber arrangement."

Further research unveils the paper "Sensitivity of cortical movement representations to motor experience: evidence that skill learning but not strength training induces cortical reorganization". The abstract takes it to the next level.

Tuesday 10/27/09

Ronit, about a pie: "Wordless...wait, the word I was trying to think of was speechless."

Greg, on why the projectors in 5419C were displaying the contents of the computer in 5419A: "The wall isn't working."

Thursday 9/3/09

When an HR website gets a little too friendly: "Click on Your Identity to view or update your name, Social Security Number, or date of birth."

Monday 8/31/09

Customized bikes that carry stuff like cars! I'd like one of each, please.

Print your 3D models at Shapeways. This is a very cute idea for a business.

Thursday 8/20/09

From a blog post about Arduino and the TouchShield libraries:
"This may sound confusing, but it's designed that way."

Sunday 8/09/09

Some graphs aren't worth a thousand words, merely a single ouch.

(From "Intelligent Wheelchair (IW) Interface using Face and Mouth recognition" by Ju et al.)

Monday 6/29/09

Myriahedral Projections. Brilliantly simple.

Sunday 6/14/09

Why Engineers Don't Write Cookbooks.

Monday 4/20/09


Some things you really don't want to advertise. Really.

Sunday 4/19/09

From a journal paper on speech recognition:
"Accurate interpretation of acoustic input remains a performance-limiting factor for speaker-independent, continuous speech recognition applications."

This clarified to me that the main problem in speech recognition today is ... speech recognition.

Monday 2/23/09

A talk at CMU:
Colloquium on Computer Science Pedagogy
Title: "Exploring the Behavior of Novice Programmers"
"Recent work has shown a connection between detectable behaviors (i.e. number of syntax errors made in sequence) and frustration, a discernible but complex emotional state."

Friday 12/19/08

"RONIT is an early yielder with excellent berry quality."
Also round, firm, of very high elasticity and low acidity, and generally bright red.

Friday. Wherein the internet teaches me new things about myself.

Monday 09/08/08

Arrowman rocks my world.

Friday 06/27/08

Ronit: "No one taught me electronics ... I learned it by smoking things."

Monday 05/26/08

In undergrad days I always had with me a Windows 98 boot floppy.
For grad school, I've decided to update to carrying around a multimeter and a tripod.

unsigned char: sweetest thing on earth
unsigned int: status changed to "disputed"

Saturday 04/12/08

static: good
unsigned int: bad

Sunday 02/26/08

My glassware makes its first artshow appearance, at SCS Day 2008:
(The plate and cup are mine)

Monday 01/04/08

Computer Science would be a lot less interesting if we weren't all sci-fi buffs too.

Presidential primaries heating up. Obama's given us all a chance to be involved; whether he wins or not, it's still a great gift.

Tuesday 10/16/07

Paper references are like being in a candy store.

Sunday 09/23/07

This is completely wicked: A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods.

Monday 09/17/07

From Wikipedia: Derangement. "In combinatorial mathematics, a derangement is a permutation in which none of the elements of the set appear in their original positions."

From Wikipedia: Isomorphism. An example of an isomorphic structure: "There is a game which is isomorphic to tic-tac-toe, but on the surface appears completely different. Players take it in turn to say a number between one and nine. Numbers may not be repeated. Both players aim to say three numbers which add up to 15. Plotting these numbers on a 3x3 magic square will reveal the exact correspondence with the game of tic-tac-toe, given that three numbers will be arranged in a straight line if and only if they add up to 15."

Tuesday 07/31/07

Handling iPhone
Do not drop, disassemble, open, crush, bend, deform,
puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate, paint, or insert
foreign objects into iPhone.

(Sweet! I can still eat it.)

Monday 06/11/07

What's wrong with my graph? The lines don't match!

Friday 05/18/07

The packaging on my carbon monoxide alarm informs me that "the number one cause of carbon monoxide poisoning is ... carbon monoxide."

Monday 03/19/07

Boil and stir vigorously until mixture turns purple and smells funny.

Tuesday 03/06/07

I made baked beans in the crockpot, from raw beans. A delicious hill of beans. Yummmmm...

In the class I'm TAing, Animation Art and Technology, I instigated a conversation about the merchandising potential of the characters in the animations my students are creating.

For $200, you can own 144 sports bottles with your logo imprinted on them. That's, like, way cooler than a business card.

The compilers paper I critiqued taught me how to optimize the compiler for shipment to the costumer.

Thursday 01/11/07

A section in the matlab documentation: "Parameterizing Functions Called by Function Functions". Now what could be the Function of that?

Wednesday 01/10/07

Rechargeable batteries are a great idea. After buying some I found these and had a good laugh.

Monday 01/08/07

Wicked cool problem: Three buses, three maximum wait times (uniform distribution from [0:wait time] for each bus), three travel times on each bus, and the time he has to travel the whole route. What is the probability he makes it? solution (scroll down to the very bottom, ThreeBuses).

Saturday 12/30/06

Leeyat: Ronit, I have to do a project on a disease in the family and I've chosen you.

G-d was infinite, then our view narrowed and infinity had a rollover error, and we can no longer see Him but as zero.

Monday 12/25/06

From the box of the Magnetix toy: CAUTION - Do not ingest or inhale magnets. Attraction of magnets in the body may cause serious injury and require immediate medical care.

How do you inhale a magnet?

Saturday night 12/23/06

At the same time: Listening to Spoon (desktop), Israeli song (laptop), and singing (voice recorder) while emailing, surfing, dancing, coding perl, ripping a cd, drinking water, and transferring files. This is what we call sensory overload. Happy.

Strange cravings for "My Fair Lady" music.

Current Favorite T-shirt: 2+2=5

Tuesday 11/07/06

The pleasure of a warm pair of socks

Sunday 11/05/06

Random complex vectors.

Saturday 9/02/06

You know your research is engaging when you're wandering around the city with x,y,z written on various contorted limbs and an intense 'I'm telepathically communicating with someone else' look on your face.

Friday 9/01/06

From My Yamaha electric keyboard owner's manual:
Fire Warning: Do not put burning items, such as candles, on the unit. A burning item may fall over and cause a fire.

Well, yes.

Monday 8/22/06

The media is biased. Disturbing.

Happiness is proportional to the number of friends one has.

And from where the heck did the Golan Heights get into all this?

If you were part of a dependency tree, where would you be?

Saturday 7/22/06

Intelligent editorial. Read http://www.imra.org.il/story.php3?id=30130.

Saturday 6/17/06

I was blasted with so many pathetic emails that my spam filter got sick and threw up all over my inbox.

Monday 6/12/06

When art doesn't reflect your self-esteem, it's fun to create.

Saturday 6/10/06

Babies are cute.

Spirited Away remains a great film.

Thursday 6/8/06

Environment variables under Windows are cute.
If building the maya stand-alone applications doesn't work, be sure to set MAYA_LOCATION to, well, you know, and set PATH to include the maya bin directory.

Tuesday 6/6/06 - an auspicious beginning.

Is it a blog? Is it the raving ramblings of a literarily constipated computer genius? Is it just a litany of links with context?

After hours of detailed feature analysis, I've concluded that all Singer sewing machines are the same, modulo the number of steps to create a buttonhole. Therefore, my choice is based on looks alone: The Hello Kitty Sewing Machine - Green.

Current Favorite T-shirt: Use the Best

32bit linux chroots rock!

After watching THX 1138, reading Ayn Rand's "Anthem", watching V for Vendetta, and perusing this week's Newsweek, as well as contemplating the wording of the phrase "No Child Left Behind," I've come to the conclusion that our government is using fear to create an authoritarian mediocricy.

Wondering why The Muppet Movie, 50th Anniversary Edition, just came out. The movie was made in 1979. Regardless, it's hilarious. See it.

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